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Dear KS: My Mother Inlaw Keep Abusing Me Because Am Yet To Conceive, What Do I Do?

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Please am i wrong for what i said to my mother inlaw? I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. Instead of asking like a mother who is truly concerned about my situation,my mother in law who came visiting asked me if my husband married another man.

At first, it didn't sink in but she asked me again, "are you a man? It is only a man that cannot get pregnant." I told her straight, "mama, you will have to ask God that question."

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And them my mother in law went crazy and started shouting. Instead of my husband to be sincere, he's saying that I shouldn't have been rude to his mum. Was I rude? And even if I were, wasn't she asking for it?

I am shocked a woman in this day and age will be so crude and hubby took her side because she is his mother. Did I do wrong?

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