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I Slept With My Colleague At The Office. How Should I Tell My Husband?

I got married 4 years ago to my husband. He was in his 40s and I was in my 20s. The age difference between us has never really been a problem as we are both educated, well spoken, have similar personalities and share a lot of interests, and as a result we mesh well.

My husband is a very caring and thoughtful man. This is one of the traits that made me fall helplessly for him, along with his intelligence and fun personality. I will not reveal anything pertaining to kids as this might punch a hole in my wall of anonymity.

I’ve always loved my husband and I still do. But I’ve never really been sexually attracted to him. This is not to say that I find him unattractive. No. He is okay as far as physical appearance goes, but his look has never been the kind to turn me on sexually. To put it plainly, I find that I’m only sexually attracted to young men around my age with tall, athletic bodies and with the energy and agility to please a woman satisfyingly in the bedroom.

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I met this kind of man in my work place and after we talked a few times I couldn’t help but become attracted to him. I realized he was also attracted me, and fast forward to a week ago, we had sex in a hotel room.

I’m ashamed to admit that sex with him was glorious, but it truly was. It was better than anything I had ever done with my husband. I loved how he tossed me around the bed and did stuff to me that my husband doesn’t do and I liked how ever part of his body felt firm and strong.

After the act I felt a wave of shame wash over me. I recognized that I had committed an atrocity and I knew I had broken my marriage vows. The guilt of what I had done followed me around like a stench. I hated myself for betraying a man that had always loved and cared for me.

The problem I now face is that despite the guilt and the shame I constantly feel, I still yearn to experience another period of sexual bliss with my colleague. I can’t help it. I’m torn. I already told my colleague that that one time was the last but deep down I don’t want it to be.

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I know that if I tell my husband about what I did, that it would mark the end of my relationship with my colleague, but I don’t know exactly how my husband would receive this information. I don’t want him to look at me and see a betrayer of trust; a woman lacking integrity and virtue.

No. I even thought of resigning from my job or requesting a transfer so as not to be in close proximity with my colleague but I know that wouldn’t solve anything as I still have his social media info and occasionally stalk him(yes I do). I’m so conflicted. I don’t know what to do.

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  1. You are so happy about what you did

  2. You are so happy about what you did.... .Shame

    1. Because of what you have done just feel sorry for your husband and love him again. Appreciate him for who he is and enjoy lovemaking with him

  3. One thing most ppl fail to accept is that the mind doesn't control itself. U can subject it to ur will by ur thought. Start seeing ur husband more positively and dont compare,sooner than u can imagine the desire will start flooding.

  4. End all means of contact with ur colleague, get a transfer, work on your mindset towards ur husband and teach him love making yes I mean it teach, show him where to knock u

  5. That guy can't marry you. Just know that what you are having is temporary, when the guy is ready for marriage, he will dump you, then its too late.


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