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Must Read: Don't Eat Late At Night To Avoid These Sicknesses

There are lots of reasons why you should not be eating late at Night. In general note, it's bad for your health.

The best time to take dinner is between 6 to 7pm, anytime from 8pm is eating late. Some people start cooking at 8pm and possibly eats by 10pm.

During my days in school i somethings eats at mid night because something after coming back from lectures, i will go for other programs. Before I will back it will be night already and due to tiredness i will lazy to cook. Those days after resting you will see me cooking my very late in the night.

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That's just my little story that wasn't good to my health because it caused me weight gain.

Back to the topic, why you should not be eating late at night.

1. It causes weight gain.

2. It increases sugar level

3. Increase in cholesterol

4. Not good for your brain

5. Makes your body swell up (inflammation)

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If your want more explanation on the points listed above, drop your comments.

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