24 Shocking Reasons Why Couples Cheats In Marriage

Written By: Bisi Adewale

Cheating by having extramarital affairs in marriage is the reason many marriages are crashing today; it is destroying the fabric of matrimony and families.

This simply means to be sexually unfaithful to one’s spouse. It means to have sex with someone else apart from one’s marriage partner.
  1.    Lack of the fear of God (Rev. 14:7)
  2.    Lack of contentment (1 Tim.6:6)
  3.    Lack of commitment to marriage vows
  4.    Lack of sexual fulfilment (Prov. 5:19)
  5.    Unholy curiosity
  6.    Wrong association (Prov. 31:6)
  7.    Drunkenness (Prov. 31:6)
  8.    Misuse of drugs
  9.    Unnecessary closeness to someone (opposite sex) apart from one’s spouse (Prov. 31:3)
  10. Lust, pornography, unholy books and magazines, blue films and sexy home videos
  11. Getting emotionally involved with any woman or man apart from one’s spouse.
  12. Overconfidence in our ability to withstand temptation. (1 Cor. 10:12)
  13. Secret sexual fantasies were undisclosed to one’s spouse.
  14. Gluttony– Love of food has entangled some men to strange women
  15. Indiscipline- Failure to control emotion and passion
  16. Too long separation from one’s spouse because of job and ministry.
  17. Vengeance-Some men do resort to unfaithfulness to pay a cheating partner back.
  18. Long separation because of marital crisis can encourage infidelity.
  19. Modern-day contraceptive devices that prevent pregnancy have further encouraged infidelity among women and men from shameful pregnancy and lots more. 
  20. Modern-day business world that allows guys and ladies to travel together on official duties and stay in the same hotels or motels for days also encourages infidelity.
  21. Night crawling 
  22. Search for intimacy, love, care and acceptance.
  23. Carelessness-careless relationship with the opposite sex.
  24. Seduction (Prov. 6:24 26, Prov. 5:1-11)

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