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A Suspected Occultic House Demolished In Gusau, Zamfara State. See Pictures Of Occultic Items Found

Zamafara State Police Command Has Demolished A Suspected Occultic House In Gusau, Capital Of Zamafara State.

Pictures Of Occultic Items Found In The House During The Raid By The Zamfara State Police Command.

By Abubakar Balarabe From Zamafara State

A house belonging to suspected cult organization has been demolished by Zamafara Police Command. Neighboring houses always complain of always perceiving odd smells from the house in the middle of the Night

The house we as raided and later demolished following the complains by the neighboring tenant of uncertainty and suspicion of the activities taking place in the house.

The house is located at Anguwar Dallatu behind new motor park in GUSAU town. Several items were recovered including a pot full of substances suspected to be blood.

Photo: Before The House Was Demolished

Photo: After The House Was Demolished

See the pictures of some Occultic items found during the raid by the Zamfara State Police Command Below:

Photo Credit: Abubakar Balarabe From Zamafara State.

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