Commotion: Police Attacks Taskforce For Not Wearing Face Mask (Photos)

A Nigeria police officer has been arrested for attacking Cross River State COVID-19 Task Force team.
According to Eval Asikong, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Research and Strategic Planning, who is part of the team, the officer attacked them after they asked him to wear face mask.
He wrote: “This Police Man in mufti attacked my boys and I for asking him to put on his nose mask. I had to put a call through to the CSO to the Governor on the instruction of Dr Betta, the Health Commissioner, who doubles as the Cross River State COVID19 Task Force and had him arrested. 
He is presently cooling-off in detention. Any body who cannot obey the law, has no business in the law enforcement agency. Outlaws to the state’s directives in this emergency period of COVID must not be condoned in the state. This man’s job may be on the line for such callous conduct.
“We shall be more strict and very thorough in our checks until the war against COVID-19 is won.”

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