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Coronavirus: Impact Of The Deadly Virus

The current pandemic ravaging the world is a wake-up call to African leaders, especially Nigeria my home country on the need to practice purposeful leadership, not the ‘ Let me quickly chop my own from the national cake’ they have been practicing over the years.

If the current Coronavirus ‘wahala’ was one ravaging in Africa only, our self-centred leaders would have by now relocated all their family members overseas, while the rest of the masses languish and waste away.
The ‘elites’ as we speak today are even the most hit victims. They never envisaged a time like this would come, hence, the reason they care less about the building and development of the continent. 
African leaders in their different countries suck their countries dry and pass the baton to their children, family members and cronies to continue from wherever they stop, and the sucking and milking continues.
While other continents are building, advancing, and growing, our leaders choose to enrich themselves and waste the monies in other continents, while ours keeps depreciating daily.
I watched a skit on YouTube of a man jubilating and saying Coronavirus is a welcome development. He said this would make African leaders have a rethink on their leadership style.
However, in as much as I don’t totally align with him(especially on the aspect that he is excited about the pandemic), but he has a point (if we really think about it).
Finally, it is time our leaders have a rethink on their leadership style and pattern and start building the continent before it is too late.

BY: Okafor Goodluck Chinedu 

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