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Covid-19 Donation: Minister of Finance and Accountant Return Our Money

By Evangelist Major Obenobe

It is annoying to see that Donations made by good spirit Nigerians to curb COVID-19, could enter Voicemail. It would have been better if this donor had given the money to thier State government than FGN. 
Rather than the Minister of Finance calling on beneficiary state to publish what they got as alleged, she went apologising to Nigerians. 
Fine, she has apologized, but that does not put the record of accountability under the carpet. Its is certain, the donors  are not happy despite that they are not speaking. The way this issue will be handled by Mr  President, shall determine if good spirited Nigerians will ever like to donate again in National Emergency.
Nigeria can be better, if only the leaders, judiciary and security operative will be sincere. The said amount is Billions of naira and this should not be taken for granted. 
How many Nigerians can say that they received fund from the money. I hereby challenge the minister of finance to put this debate in the social media let’s see the persons that will say they benefited. 
People Minister of Finance and Account General, kindly return the money, lest, the CBN or NNPC or CUSTOM may act this way one day.

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