I Have Been Doing Without, She Hasn't Taken In For Once Now She Wants Me To Marry Her. What Do I Do?

A Nigerian Man wants to be adviced on what to do. According to him, he has been dating a lady for over two years now and since they have been dating, they have been doing without (What are they doing? I don’t know oo). 

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The lady have never told him that she has ever missed her period talk more of getting pregnant. 
Now the lady in question wants him to marry her, you know marriage without Children is…. He is seeking for advice, what do you have to advice him? 
He wrote:

“I have be dating this girl for the past 2 years now, she’s pressing that we get married, but for all these period of our dating, she has never take in once and I have not be using any protection. What do I do pls.”

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