I Have Boil In My Privates Anytime My Husband Travels, What Could Be The Cause?

A Nigerian Woman narrates what happens to her whenever her husband travels for work 

"I have been married to my husband for close to 15 years and our marriage is what anybody can call ‘made in heaven’ but my major concern now is what I usually have whenever my husband travels.

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" I noticed that whenever my husband travels, I have boils in my privates and this has been happening for quite a long time now. Big and painful boils. I remember the first time it happened, I called to tell him and he pitied me.

" I have been watching it now for years and it usually happens whenever he travels because of his business. He just left the house again 2 days ago and this morning I noticed one has come out already. 

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" I don’t know what to make out of it, probably it is due to lack of intimacy but even when he is around he doesn't sleep with me every time.

" My question is, Is this due to lack of not sleeping with him or what can be the cause? Please help a dying Sister and a mother of four.

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  1. Simple Meaning your husband never trust you,he will not like another man to share you with him,so with the boile on your private,you'll not alow anyman to sleep you am sorry madam

  2. This is a clear evidence that your husband is an evil man, the had bewitched you that you may not cheat on him whenever he is away.

    1. I thought as much

    2. So what's evil about him not wanting his wife to cheat?

  3. You should be discussing this with your husband not the public.

  4. Your husband don't want you to cheat on him

  5. Have a matured conversation about this problem with your husband. I think he know the solution to the problem.


  6. It's good that way, so that you can respect yourself and arrange your legs normal.

  7. Your husband knows the solution for your problem. Talk to him about it.

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  9. Nothing evil if he doesn't want her to cheat but it's wrong for him to do that cause it's of pains to her..
    Don't conclude that the husband has anything to do with that,let her go straight and ask "why do boils appear when ever he travels"


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