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My Mum Wanted to Abort Me So I Said To Myself I will Make It - Reality Star Reveals

Nigerian Reality Star dropped a shocking revelation about how her mother wanted to abort her when she was just a fetus in her mother's womb.

Mercy Eke revealed that her mother would have aborted her because of family and relatives pressure.

Mercy Eke who is the first ever female to win the Big Brother Naija show, made this known while speaking during the premiere of a joint reality TV show with Ike.

She said her mother had once thrown herself down from a tree to see if she could get rid of her foetus after her husband’s cousin had questioned why she was up for another child. Mercy said;

My mom told me that, when she was carrying me, there was this aunt of mine, my dad’s cousin, who came and asked her, ‘Are you still pregnant after all these kids you have?”

“That really got my mom trying to abort me. My mum told me that what she did was when she goes to the farm, she would climb a tree and intentionally fall from there to see if she could get rid of me.

“When she told me that, I had told myself that I had to make it, whatever it took to be somebody. I had to make her proud somehow for what she did for me.”

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