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'Buhari Should Extend Lockdown and Provide For the Poor and Needy'

Following the Increase in Number of Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria, Fani Kayode has Urged President Buhari to Extend the Lockdown and also Provide for the poor and needy as only 10,000 persons have been tested out of N200 Million Nigerians.

“In a nation of 200 million conflicted and divided people which is now being ravaged by Covid 19 only 10,000 have been tested for the disease.
“90% of those that have corona are asymptomatic. What this means is that millions of Nigerians may have the disease but they do not know it because they have not been tested.
“The fact that people are dying like flies in Kano does not surprise me because people are not being tested for the disease and neither are serious measures to fight the scourge being put in place.
“More testing is required and the lockdown must continue and must be stricty enforced with reasonable palliatives and support from the FG to help the poor and needy.
“Anything short of this will lead to catastrophy and many more deaths. STAY IN, STAY CALM AND STAY SAFE!

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