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'It's Time To Throw Chinese Out Of Africa'

Following the Maltreatment of Nigerians, Africans in China, Fani Kayode has reacted to a viral video showing the moment Africans challenged Chinese officials who wants to Quarantine them by Force, stating that it’s time we start maltreating Chinese in Africa.

In the video, the African men and Chinese officials can be seen exchanging words as the Chinese men said that Every black man must be quarantined. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)

In reaction, Fani Kayode wrote:

This is shameless and barbaric. Why are Africans being singled out in this way in China? Why can’t we do the same to the Chinese that are here? Africa needs STRONG and EDUCATED leaders that will not take nonsense from foreigners regardless of how much money or power they have!

“Africans are being targeted in China, dragged out of their places of work, schools & hotels, humiliated & treated like filth & forced into quarantine or detention. Meanwhile the Chinese come here & are treated like royalty because they have money. It is time to THROW THEM OUT!

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  1. That's true. There's no way we'll be receiving them and also treat them as guest here meanwhile they're animals / monsters in return. It's high time we do that but before considering something like that at first, govt should bring back our people from their hands/ custody and that's the only way things will be easy for them to carry on that mission.


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