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5 Unhealthy Things Ladies Do in Secret Without Telling Their Men

A lot of women don’t like to tell their partner everything about themselves, because some of them believe that all men are the same which are not true, but their like 5 things which women can hide from their husbands to know. 

1. Health Concerns: If a woman finds a suspicious mole, a lump in her breast or has an otherwise disconcerting “symptom,” she may often stay mum or downplay her anxieties. Because some may not know how to tell their husband.

2. Trouble in the Relationship Think: Fighting. Passive-aggressiveness. Disagreeing about where to live; if kids are in the future. If a woman can’t seem to work through relationship issues with her spouse privately, she’ll often schedule a therapy session—and attend alone, according to

3. S£xual Preferences Carpenter says she regularly has women in her office who complain that they’re s£xually unsatisfied. ”

4. Personal Successes: Believe it or not, women are less inclined to go home and gab about a promotion at work, a big raise or even an improved marathon time. “They do not share successes enough,” says Carpenter.

5. Bank Accounts: “Women may keep secret bank accounts for different reasons, but I’ve found this is something they may have been taught by their mothers,” says Detroit-based clinical therapist Tomanika Witherspoon, LMSW. “For some, it’s a golden rule to always have a stash, just in case the relationship does not work.”

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