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9 Types of Food Every Woman Should Cook for Her Husband, He Could Love You More.

There is a saying that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Which implies that if you want your man to love you the more cook good for him.

Many woman today has lost their Mr. Right because of food, it means food is one of the key for keeping your man.

Below are the types of food every woman should be cooking for her husband.

1. Healthy Meals: Prepare healthy meals for your family, not just a balanced diet but a healthy diet. It may be balanced and not healthy. Stop using the wrong cooking oil for your family. Cook right, cook healthy meals and stop bleaching palm oil before cooking, it is very wrong.

Vegetables don’t need to be parboiled. Table salt is not good for your family, use sea salt or Himalayan salt. Remove red meat from your family diet. Cook fish, chicken and turkey only. Make your family healthy, don’t kill them with unhealthy foods.

2. Timely Food: Let your food be timely, breakfast is bad at noon. Lunch is not meant for 5 pm, dinner is too late at 11 pm. Virtuous women don’t sleep much, they make food available for their families early in the morning, while lazy bones are still sleeping.

3. Hot Meals: Make the food hot and steaming, no cold food. Make it ready at the right time for hot food is good for the body. Avoid microwaving his food; it’s not good for his health.

4. Favourite Meal: Every man has a favourite meal. It may not be what you think, it may not be what you know. Ask him, cook it regularly and watch the smile on his face and love in his heart.

5. Seasonal Meal: There are foods that come in seasons, make good use of them, for example, you don’t see corn round the year, give him a good meal from corn in its season.

6. Special Dishes: Occasionally, spoil your husband a little and give him a treat. Cook a great meal, do a buffet, cook an uncommon meal, let him shout for joy.

7. Kingly Presentation: Present his food as you would for a king or president. He is your president and your king, treat him like that on the dining table.

9. Mother’s Taste: Give him back his mother’s taste. If you married him at the age of 30, he must have eaten his mother’s food for more than 30,000 times before he met you. 365 multiplied by 30 multiplied by 3 times a day, that is, 32,850.

By the time a boy is 10 years old, he must have eaten his mother’s meal for more than 10,000 times. You can’t make him forget that taste in a night. So, learn how his mother was doing it and give it to him just like that. Let him enjoy that old taste again, he will be very glad.

-Bisi Adewale

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