#BringCynthiaMorganBack: Three Things Cynthia Morgan Should Do To Get Her Life and Career Back

Cynthia Morgan has been trending on social media after she made a revelation on what has been going on between her and her record label.

Her fans have set up a GoFundMe account with the hashtag #BringBackCynthinaMorgan. Davido also reached out to Cynthia Morgan via Twitter. He wrote in a tweet: 'Cynthia Morgan call me ....'

In another tweet, he said: Tell Cynthia I got an anthem for her .... I’ll record my verse now. 

Now I want to list out 3 three things she can do to get her career back.

1. She Should Accept Davido's Offer: Davido Wants to Help Her in a way or the other. Whatever way, it is of good and will help her in her career. 

2. Cynthia Morgan should forget the past and move forward. 

3. Forgiveness is divine, whether she was wrong or they wronged her, she should forgive and move on so that she won't be hurt by her past 

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