Christians: 6 Ways to hear from God

The major problem Christians encounter is the inability to hear from God. What they don’t know is that God has been speaking to them continuously, but they’ve refused to listen. Your inability to listen will make you feel like God isn’t speaking to you or you can’t hear Him.

In this article, you’ll find out various ways to hear God’s voice and recognise him.

To hear from God is to actually listen and pay attention. Don’t listen to talk or respond but pay attention and reach clarity.

God does not like speaking when everywhere is noisy and busy even though He can speak at such moments, but you best hear God in quietness. So henceforth, start listening and paying attention.


If you don’t dream, you’re in big trouble because if things are not working well, you won’t know why or what God is saying concerning it. If you’re dreaming, that’s the first step to being free. He speaks through dreams. He can warn you, instruct you or reveal to you about the future through dreams. So if you dream, you’re definitely experiencing a part of God’s message to you.


God has spoken to you already, and it’s in the Bible. He has instructed you already and told you what would happen in the future.

He has informed you of his promises and your privileges in Him. So, you asking him again is like repetition. You can hear God speak through his word. Anytime you pick your Bible to read, you’re listening to God’s word to you.


You could be in a situation and just feel the need to do something and when you do it, that situation is relieved or you get your testimony from it. That’s He helping you and speaking to you through your intuition and feeling. However, if you feel the need to do something negative, that’s of the devil. When you feel the need to do something and you have great peace in your mind, that’s God speaking to you and assuring you by giving you his peace concerning it.


Sometimes, you can just see some passing images or as a video play out instantly. That’s like a vision and God speaks through visions to inform and reveal as well as assure you.


When you’ve prayed about something and go about your day and you see a symbol as regards it, that is He speaking to you. For example, you are praying to Him for a job and the next day, someone comes to inform you they just got a new job, that’s a sign from God that yours is on the way. You should rejoice rather than start asking “God when”. He speaks through signs and symbols; it’s left for you to pay attention.


God can send someone to deliver a message to you. That message is His word to you. It could be a sermon your pastor preaches, something someone tells you or an instruction given to you. God can speak to you through others, so don’t take it for granted.

These are some ways God speaks to you. My question for you is this: have you ever experienced any of the above? If yes, then God is already speaking to you.

Your extra prayer point should be about depth. Tell Him you want to hear Him more because you’re already hearing Him and you want depth in your relationship with Him.

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