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Do You Take Tea And Bread In The Morning? This is What it Does To Your Body

Food is anything we eat to make nourish our body, they say, but we need more than just body nourishment sometimes, we need to enjoy more even if it’s not nourishing our body. Tea and bread is popular Nigerian meal, mostly consumed as breakfast.

The bread can be brown or white and the tea is mostly made with milk, chocolate powder and sugar. Sometimes people can add the popular Lipton drink, some use soya beans and others take just milk and sugar. 

If you have a habit of taking tea and bread every morning then the least you should know is what it does to your body and some health benefits and effect. A Cup of tea (about 200g) you take, according to nutritional facts, contains milk, mostly cow milk which is high in protein. 

It contains about 74 calories, 3.2g of total fat and 1.8 gram of saturated fat. Cholesterol 9.8mg, sodium 42mg, potassium 159mg. Total carbohydrate 8.4 and 3.1 gram of protein. It also contains vitamins A and C, Iron and calcium.

This gives the body almost if not all the necessary and essential nutrients it needs. But one has to take this moderately to avoid eating so much and becoming overweight. Bread which is taken along side with Tea contains the following. 

A typical slice of white bread, according to the same source, contains about 79 calories, 1g of total fat, 0 cholesterol, 147. 3mg of sodium, 34.5g of potassium. 15g of total carbohydrate and 2.7 g of protein.

Taking too much bread can make one get fat, especially brown bread. About 3 or 4 slices of bread is enough for an adult to take with tea for a breakfast. Taking Tea and bread in the morning has also shown to make one weak and tired and sometimes sleepy. 

It is recommended to take a little caffeine to help you stay active. Nevertheless, as eating is quite important and essential for human survival, eating healthy is more important.

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