Funny Reason Why Buhari Canceled the Live Broadcast Revealed

Seriously, I don’t buy this joke by Senator Shehu Sani though it’s funny but I forgot to laugh. 

Before now, there was a rumour that the Federal Government of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari is going to address the nation today (18-05-2020) concerning the progress been made on Nigeria’s economy and the Coronavirus pandemic.
Senator Shehu Sani revealed a funny reason why Buhari canceled, guess what he said. Continue reading. 

However, this morning, the president’s spokesperson on Media Mr Femi Adesina debunked the news. He made this known on his Twitter handle saying, ” Presidential broadcast on Covid-19 updates today. None was planned. Rather, the presidential Task Force will during its usual media briefings bring the nation up to speed on the next steps.
As such,he disregarded the former claim saying the president was going to address the nation this night.
Now let me tell you what Senator Shehu Sani said it is the reason why President Buhari Canceled the Live Broadcast as it was rumored. 
He said:
“Baba wanted to come out and talk to you, he peeped through the window, instead of each of you holding a notebook and a pen, you were holding stones and he just pulled back to Za living room. Return your stones from where you picked them.”

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