Gay? I Sleeps With My Father Inlaw - Man Drops Shocking Revelation

Popular love doctor and self-acclaimed relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, as is his usual wont, took to his page to share one of the emails he receives from his followers who he keeps anonymous.

In a recent update, the love doctor shared the email of man who narrated how he started having an affair with his wife’s father.
According to the distraught man, the bizarre tryst started when his father-in-law invited him to a party to meet with someone who would approve his business proposal.

He revealed that his wife’s father thereafter started making sexual advances at him, adding that he confirmed that the man was gay from the way he was socializing with people at the party.

“I went for the party and I was part of the last who left, I noticed the way he looks at me. How he looks at my trouser section and my buttocks too. And how he touches me, he rubs my shoulder and all.

That day when I saw him socializing I he was Gay, from his body he’s gestures, he was a different man I know.”, he wrote.

They later got talking at the party and he noticed the way his wife’s father was looking at his lips which led to them having sex.

He goes on to reveal that he’s also a gay person but because he wants kids, he went on to marry his wife but with the affair, he feels like his father-in-law is seeming to be his soulmate. He revealed their affair started last December.

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