Governor Says Security Agencies Are Taking Bribes For That He Will Parole Borders Himself

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Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has lamented that the security agencies are not cooperating to stop movement into the state.

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The governor, who spoke during COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday, said he would personally patrol the Kaduna-Kano borders on Sallah day to ensure that no one sneaks into the state.
According to him, corrupt security agents are to blame for the influx of travelers from the Kano State, the second hotbed for COVID-19 infections in the country.
He lamented that most of those who tested positive for coronavirus in that state have had travel history.
He, therefore, blamed the influx of people sneaking into the state to the activities of corrupt security agents on the highway.
“We have tried everything but the security agents have not been cooperating. We have heard of instances where commercial drivers and others pay them to come into Kaduna.
“I will personally visit and patrol the Kaduna-Kano borders on Sallah day from morning till night to see who will dare enter Kaduna State.
“I will not leave there until late at night.”

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