I Don't Have A Man In My Life - Onyi Alex (Can You Be Her Man?)

In this interview, the actress also talked about growing up in Mushin, and gives advice on marriage and Currently she doesn’t have a man. (Can you be her man?) 

What are you currently working on?

By God’s grace, I am working on my brand. But now, I am doing a fashion project called, Body NG, my clothing line. And by God’s grace, we are growing.

When did you venture into acting?

I have been off and on when it comes acting. But I have been acting since 2012. I have been in the industry for eight years.

Since your debut, you’ve acted in lots of movies. Which would you say is your favourite?

My most favourite movie should be my personal project entitled, April. In the movie, I played the character of a good wife who falls in love with a bad boy outside her matrimonial home. I like April, it was produced by me.

Was it easy combining acting and producing?

It was easy. It is something I love doing. I have passion for it. Anything that I have passion for is easy for me.

From your wealth of experience, how can you advise the up-and-coming actors?

My advice is that they shouldn’t depend on acting alone. They should also have something else aside acting because it will help them. Producing will help them financially and they will have access to money to get by. It shouldn’t be all about acting.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

I met this lady in Dubai and she kissed me smack on the lips! She described herself as a huge fan of mine. I was so shy and embarrassed.

What is that favourite food you can’t stop eating?

I love jollof rice. Yes! I love Nigeria jollof rice, not Ghana jollof rice. I like going into my kitchen and making the sweetest, juiciest jollof rice ever. And you need to taste my Ofe Owerri soup because I am from there.

What determines your fashion sense?

I like to step out looking sexy, classy and elegant.

What is your best form of relaxation?

I like being indoors and just watching movies; that is it.

Your fans would like to know if Onyi Alex is in a relationship?

I am so single. I don’t have a boyfriend. But (actor) Alex Ekubo is begging me to date him. I am still thinking about it (laughter). I am so single and I am thinking that maybe, Alex Ekubo is making some kind of money; he loves me.

Tell us your experience growing up in Mushin?

I have never said this to anybody. It’s a secret. I am that Mushin girl that God blessed. I love to eat ‘mama put’ and a lot of things like that. I am a local girl because I grew up in Mushin. People don’t know I was born and brought up there. I love my local food joint. I miss that part of my life.

How were you able to survive the rough life in a ghetto like Mushin?

I always loved watching movies growing up. I used to watch Genevieve Nnaji and I aspired to be like her someday. I always told myself, ‘I want to be like this woman. If she can do it, I can also do it!’ And then I got into the university and there was this long ASUU strike and I went for an audition. That was how I was picked to play the lead role for threesome. That was the beginning of my career.

Is marriage still far or near to you, any plans to settle down soon?

I don’t know. It will happen in God`s time.

Why do you think celebrities’ marriages crash?

It is sad, but my advice is, marry your friend, someone you think you can be with for better for worse. It can`t all be rosy. It is when you go for someone who is not really your friend that your marriage can crash. Well, it is not all celebrities that are experiencing such.

Source: Sunonline

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