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I Had 4 Abortions for My Brother Inlaw Now Pregnant for The 5th One - Lady Reveals (Video)

A Lady In A Video captured by Peace FM narrates an ordeal with her sister's husband (brother inlaw), how she had already aborted 4 pregnancy for him and pregnant for the 5th. 

Narrating her ordeal on Peace FM with Odiahenkan Kwame Yeboah, the lady said she was in the village leaving with her mother when her sister decided to bring her to the city to continue her education.

She revealed that she was very comfortable and appreciated what they were doing for her. Unfortunately when her sister traveled to China to go for her goods, she was raped by the husband of which he warned her not to tell her sister or he will kill her.

Out of fear, she never mentioned it to her sister when she returned from China.

She also revealed that her sister’s husband will always quarrel with her in front of her sister so that her sister will not suspect them of their affair.

She further added that she became pregnant for her sister’s husband four times and she had to abort all since she didn’t want her sister to find out.

She is currently pregnant for him for the fifth time but she has refused to abort the baby.

The lady shed tears whiles talking and appealed to Odiahenkan and his team to apologize to her sister on her behalf.

Watch the video below:


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