I Have Endured Lots of Things In This Relationship I Don't Know If I Should Move On

This story was shared by Cynthia Valerian on her social media pages. Please Read and Advice Her. 
“I ve been dating my boyfriend since 2013 then we were still in school, he graduated 2016 but served (NYSC)2018, me am currently serving and also Learning tailoring but will round up my service year by end of this month.
” Both of us are not from a well to do background, after his service he came to lagos and stayed for like 4 months in search of job but nothing came up so he said he wanted to go stay with his friend who has a shop in nnewi. 
I have endured many things in this relationship hoping that things will get better but it’s getting worst, am just confuse that I don’t know if I should still wait for him or move on. 
“I don’t know if am wasting my time,I feel like am being stagnant, like I need to give other people attention. 
” Although he told me severally to wait for him that he will marry me but I don’t know how long and he is a very jealous type that goes to my phone to check my messages or even call some guys he feels are asking me out to stop. 
” I ve tried breaking up with him few times but I still end up seeing myself in same place. 
” Am so confuse I don’t know how to deal with this, he isn’t doing anything at all for now just staying with the friend,although he said he will leave there and go back to lagos after the lockdown, 
I will be 27 by June and he is 31″

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