I Want God to Speak to Me in Visions and Dreams. What Can I Do?

One of Kingsparo Blog Readers through the contact form at the button of Kingsparo.com asked a question which he needs a  answer from all of us here. 

It's a question that has to do with religion and faith, He believes God can speak to someone through dream or visions. 

According to email i received the mail revealed the name of the questioner to be Omega Kulaior Jacob. He wants to know what to do for God or Jesus Christ to speak with him in visions or dreams. 

He wrote:

"Please true men and women of God ,
I need your help,
I want God/Jesus to speak to me in visions and dreams....
What can I do?

I think I have tried my best but is not working the way I want.
What can I do?"

Please if you know what he can do, comment below

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