I Warned Her To Stop Visiting That Man-of-God, Now She Is Pregnant For Him – Mother Cries Out.

My daughter have been a good girl until she met pastor Sylvester late last year. Although her initial relationship with this pastor had a positive impact in her life but lately she was becoming a totally different person entirely.

She met Sylvester in a youth program that held last year December tagged “Praize beyond words” . I am not much of a devout Christian, but I am a Christian (not the church type though). Me and my daughter attend Newlife revival church of God but after she met pastor Sylvester she stopped attending our family church and started attending his church (Revival Christian Assembly) here in ibusa Delta State.
It’s not up to a year the pastor relocated to Delta State from Onitsha his home town. He opened his church barely a month after his arrival. According to my daughter Mary ” he had a vision where God sent him to come to ibusa to cause revival in the hearts of the youth here).
I had no problem with my daughter’s sudden friendship with the pastor. What bothered me most was that she started spending quality time with the pastor. And it graduated from spending long hours in the pastors place to spending the night in his place.
One day I got pissed off and asked her what exactly was going on, she started crying that I didn’t trust her and what was I expecting that they would be doing?. She later answered my questions. She told me they go on evangelism anytime she goes to visit him and that’s why she spends long hours in his place.

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She added that sometimes after evangelism they would proceed to do a vigil. I asked her if it was just the two of them, she said no, that they were four (a boy and 3 other girls). I became a little bit conformable and relaxed.
Early last month, they went on an outreach and spent one week together. I couldn’t tell if it was an outreach, truthfully because she didn’t even carry any extra clothing. I didn’t want to sound too doubtful of my daughter so I decided to relax and observe more. Of a truth Mary used to be a good girl and that didn’t change. The only thing that changed was her sudden obsession with this strange “man-of-God”.
I reported her to her uncle (her father’s elder brother) – I lost my husband 2 years ago (he was involved in a filling station fire accident that led to his death —it was a terrible period for us. But we are past that mourning stage now). When she came back home from her outreach her uncle invited her to his house and warned her to cut ties with the man of God.
No more evangelism, no more vigil and no more outreach. She agreed and stopped going to his place except on weekly service and Sunday services. Last week she started putting up uncomfortable symptoms that seemed like pregnancy (mothers will understand). So I decided to do a pregnancy test along with tests for Typhoid and malaria.

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The test results showed positive for malaria and positive for pregnancy. It was a big blow to me as mother. I felt I have failed my husband and failed my daughter. How can she get married out of wedlock. I took her to the Pastor’s place to confront him. He accepted that he was responsible for the pregnancy and agreed to marry her. Marry also agreed to marry him.
But I don’t know if to accept or refuse Because this so-called pastor used my daughter in the name of “ministry” and now she is pregnant. I see him as a person without integrity and discipline, if he did it to my daughter he can do it another young girls. And who knows he might have a wife in onitsha.
If I Refuse him from Marrying my daughter, that means she will have a child without a husband-father. The child would be a step child if she eventually get married to another man. I was a step child and so I understand what it felt like. This my confusion.

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