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Message To Those Criticizing Odumeje, Kumuyi, TB Joshua and Other Men of God

I have noticed that so many people derives joy in speaking against men and women of God. 

Just recently a story of W. F Kumuye has been trending online because one lady claims He made her childhood miserable.


I didn't report the trending news on because of one reason or another. I don't like posting or promoting such. 

We should be careful about what we do in this world to avoid attracting curse to ourselves and probably to our household. 

My message to those criticizing Men of God, if you are one of them that derives joy from making mockery, allegations and other inhumane things to or with the name of Men of God please decease from it so you don't attract God's anger on you.

Recall what happened in the Bible when little children were making jest with Prophet Elisha. They were just children still the lost their lives because of that talk more of you you adult. 

God is not a respecter of any man. I mentioned this three men of God in the title of this post because they are they ones viral now. 

People like Odumeje are been rumored that his power is not from God, Please guys, whether his power is from God or not Bible said we should not judge so that we won't be judged.


Leave everything in the precious hands of God, He knows how to expose Fake prophets and establish the true ones. Let me pause here for now. 

What's your opinion on this? Comment below and don't forget to share. 

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