My Caring Husband Wants Me To Give Him 1.7M Naira But My Friends Give Me Reason Why I Shouldn't Give Him the Money

As shared by Cynthia Valerian on her Facebook page. 

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Mummy post for me. Is it wrong for me to help my husband grow financially? Some of my friends said that I should be careful that my husband is loyal to me now because he has no money, that once he starts making money that I will see his true colors very well. 

I kind of doubted that because when he was working, he was taking care of me and he always divides his salary into half and gives me one. 

He is a caring fellow but lost his job 3 years ago. He asked me to help him out with money to buy a car for taxi 1.7 million. 9 years of marriage. 

I have the money but I am so scared he might take me for granted when he starts making money. I want him to search his way through and succeed without me giving him free money. 

He is very domesticated and he takes care of the house and children very well. He has tried getting a job but have never succeeded. Please hide my id. He's 42 years, I am 36 years.

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  1. Please give your husband de money fast

  2. Thank u for thinking way, ur husband is ur husband .u known when he was doing when he was working caring for the family, and other things forget about what people said he is ur husband that is why god joine u together is to help each other so u can help he spiritual ing finalshi, and fisicalling u are still helping the family is all us duty so give he the money

  3. You are a bad wife, I think your husband deserves better. This is man that cater for you when he was doing well and even now that he has lost his job he still helps with the domestic chores. What is wrong in helping your own husband? Those your bad friends will surely lead you to your doom.
    If you don't help him, another woman who knows the value of your would and you will be the biggest loser.

  4. I am sure all those who commented previously are men. Madam follow your instinct, you are the only one who knows your husband. If it were me, there would be a written agreement between me and this man. I have seen women help out their husbands but the men end up treating them badly. One even borrowed money for the man but he paid he with domestic violence even while she was eight months pregnant for his baby. Be wise


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