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My Girlfriend Said She Put Me In A Bottle If I Breakup With Her’- Man Recounts

Sammy, a young man recounts how his girlfriend threatened to put him in a bottle when he was in university. The lady threatened to bottle him if he break up with him.

The man took to his social media page, @manlike_sammy to recount how he confronted his ex-girlfriend from Benin for flirting with other guys but she told him she loved him regardless and he dared not break up with her or she will lock him in a bottle.

He tweeted:

“I remembered when I was dating this Benin girl back then in the university.I told her I’m not comfortable with the relationship becos of the way she was firting with other guys, before I finished talking she gave me what i called a shout hard slap on my left cheek and went on to say despite her flirting she still loves me and if i dare end the relationship she will lock me inside bottle….”

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Guys if you hear such a thing from your girlfriend what will you do?


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