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Now I Have Money But The Spirit of My Wife Keeps Tormenting Me, I Want to Be Free

One of Kingsparolite shared what has been going on in his life. According to him, he used his wife for money ritual since then the spirit of his wife have been hunting him. 

Read Below:

"Life has been hard on me until i took an action am regretting now. In the past i barely eat even once in a day. If there is another thing worst than poverty that is the category i fall in. 

"Things change after an encounter with a friend who claims he came back from United Arab Emirates, one thing lead to another he put me through on what he is into.

"Someone who everybody thinks he lives in Dubai haven't even cross the borders of Nigeria. He uses 'Working In Dubai' to deceive people at home.

"I was made to sleep with a mad woman, that wasn't even my problem i became mad at my cult members when they took what is precious to me. I really love my wife.

"She has been at my beak and corn since our university days, trust me if i knew they will also take my wife i would have opted out.

"I slept with a mad woman thinking that's the end and money will start coming. Was surprise when the grand Master in a meeting said the lord wants to take someone dear to me and nobody else was detected beside my wife.

" I weap day and night but nothing could be done. Now money is coming in the expense of my dear wife 😢. Am enjoying the money but no peace of mind.

" Every night and day she keep tormenting me, please someone should help me what do I do? "

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