People Now Pay N10,000 to Enter Bank?

Can you pay N10,000 to Enter Bank? If how how much are you going to deposit or withdraw that will make you pay such amount of money? 

A Nigerian man took to his social media to share his experience in bank where people are paying 10 thousand Naira to enter bank.

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Remember a video was circulating yesterday when hundreds of people are struggling to enter bank due to long time of lockdown in the country.
The banks later develop another idea to ease people struggles and maintaining social distancing by giving customers slots and directive to enter the bank.
He Wrote:
Lagos is crazy mehn, got to bank as early as 7am and I got number 135 and guess what??numbers 1-10 are people that doesn’t have account with the bank and now they’re offering to sell each numbers for 10k. Lagos nawa

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