Upon Everything I Have Done to People Nobody Loves Me, Could There Be A Problem?

As Shared By Cynthia Valerian on her social media page and posted on Kingsparo.com please read and advice. 

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Good after sis please would want you to help me post on your wall 

I have a problem eating me up though it may look very simple but it's affecting me phycologically...all my life I have wanted to have a best friend I crave for one may be becouse I was never loved growing up ...okey the one really bothering me is about those I call friend's 

The first one if she is broke she runs to me to borrow her I tell her I can't borrow her but i will give half she should forget to pay because I know she wouldn't pay...not once not twice then she deceiving friends to join her networking company once that company flops she abandons it and go for another without minding what you have spent so I have vowed not to join any network she markets to me. 

Secondly once I don't have and I ask her for 2k she will preach the world to me she won't even put a call through to know how am fairing 

No 2 friend I have friend this one has been going through hell she recently left her marriage I visit she doesn't return visit she ask for money I told her I don't have but the 5k I have we will share it I have two kids am married things are not Rosey for us I have siblings that doesn't visit me even if we leave very close so I just wanted to carve a world for my self staying with kids and hubby alone is not just okey. 

Okey back to my no 2 friend recently I made hand sanitizer I gave her 100 pieces to sell and make money out of it still made the labels she never called for one day to say thank you or sometimes just call to ask am fairing I bought food stuffs I shared with her , sis I just hate seeing people suffer I want to help in the little way I can that is the only fault I think I have. ..

No 3 friend that one only calls once she needs to recharge her phone she will call today and ask of me the next day she ask of card if she ask of 500 naira airtime I send 200 air time she won't still call with the card to say thank you she will just chart and that's all 

No 4 ...she will call once in a blue moon to tell me why she loves me is becouse she never heard anything she told me in confidant outside that she would want to confide in me she will tell me her deepest secret cry on phone to me I will give my advice she will say thank you but truely she takes every advice I give her but she wouldn't call again non visit until she has another problem

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This little thing everyone might look as if is a minor problem but it has been causing me depression, from childhood I was never loved 
I have been praying I see people who do little or nothing for friends how their friends appreciates them. 

if my friends are sick I leave what ever am doing and stay with them in the hospital I go off my way just to see they are okey 
But my son has been sick needs a major surgery I told them over the phone aside their chart non of them has visited me not even my siblings that leaves close 

I have questioned my self , searched myself if could be the problem 
I have even prayed for people to love me back 
Please no one should say I don't love my self I do I so much love my self 😭

What else should I do ...it is very easy to tell me to get my mind of it but its not easy am just lonely inside I make a post they don't comment 
What do I do😭😭😭

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