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10 Things You Should not Do After Eating For Your Good

Do you know that some of the things we do after eating or after each meal can affect our health in general? Below are the things you should never do after eating or taking a meal.

1. Smoke: Smoking a single wrap of cigarette amounts or is equivalent to smoking 5 wraps of cigarette. This can increase the risk of bowl cancer.

Suggestions: steer clear from cigarettes after eating 2. Sleep: Sleep plays and indispensable part of our life. Going to bed after a meal can lead to bloating, discomfort, and abnormal sleeping patterns. Suggestions: Please try as much to engage with other activities instead of sleeping right after a meal.

3. Drinking of tea and coffee: These beverages have their own importance when consumed at a limited amount. Obviously, the excess of anything is harmful; as people always advices. It is suggested by most nutritionists that tea should be consumed at least one hour after any meal.

4. Shower: Taking a bath after food increases blood flow to every part of the human body leaving the stomach behind. Hence, it leads to digestive problems and indigestions. Waiting 30 – 45 minutes after a meal in order to take a shower is the best suggestion.

5. Eating fruits: Eating fruits after a meal can cause indigestion, flatulence or heartburn.

6. Loosening the belt: A considerable amount of people suggests that you don’t need to loosen your belt after a meal; don’t loosen the belt. It’s just a sign that you have eaten a lot more than was necessary, which in actual sense, is bad.

7. Drinking of cold water: Try as much to avoid drinking of cold water immediately after taking a meal. Cold water does not allow digesting the food properly as it causes bunching of food, which may increase the chances of constipation.

8. Walking: Lots of people suggest that as soon as you finish a meal, the best option is to go for a little walk. But researchers say you should wait at least 45 – 30 minutes before taking a work after a meal. Hence, going for a walk after a meal can result in acid reflux and indigestion.

9. Gym: Going for a gym and doing exercises is a great option to be in shape and look awesome. But it’s really not good to join the gym and doing heavy exercises right after a meal. After eating, the stomach needs time and rest to digest the food you have just eaten.

10. Brushing your teeth: Normally, people would say that it is important to brush your teeth just after eating. True. It is vital for the dental health. But don’t do it immediately after eating. When you are done eating, it is recommended that you wait about 30 – 45 minutes before brushing your teeth.

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