9 Things Every Woman Shouldn't Do If They Wanna Live Long

Hi Ladies, this post covers some if not all of the things you should not do if you want to live long and happy on planet earth. 

Yes all of us will die, yet there are some factors that enhance our live span. Read below. 

1. Stop wearing revealing clothes.

Wearing Indecent clothes is one common thing among some women nowadays. Some women wear these revealing clothes for reasons best known to them, but it is very bad and may lead to attack.

You can wear revealing clothes when you are indoors or at home. Never wear revealing clothes when going to a far place, especially when you know you will be coming back in the night or when you know that you will be following a non-busy area.

2. Do not eat or waste a man’s money before following him to his house, when you know that you won’t do his will.

So many women are fund of this. They will follow a man to a shopping mall or an expensive restaurant and demand things they cannot afford for themselves, only to follow him to his house and start acting up.

If you know you won’t do his will, please do not follow him to his house after the spending. Not all men will tolerate that, I know what I’m saying.

3. Never try to fight a man physically.

You can quarrel with him or even sharp your mouth, but never try to start a fight with him. Report to the authorities when needed.

Men are more stronger than women physically, fighting with a man may expose you to danger.

4. Always tell someone where you are going to.

It is very important that you tell someone you know about where you are going to so that they could be alerted.

If unfortunately something happens to you, they will be able to easily find you. So please as a woman, always inform someone you know about your whereabouts.

5. Always enter a public transportation, avoid entering a private car you know nothing about.

As a woman, always make sure you enter the right public transportation, the ones approved by the government. Never enter a private car you no nothing about.

Many of these one chance drivers are targeting women mostly. So in other to be safe, please avoid free transportation or private cars you don’t know.

6. Stop being too emotional because of love, always use your head.

Some women are fund of this. Do not invest too much of your emotions in any relationship, because if anything happens to the relationship, you will be on the losing side.

Do you know what it means to be on the losing side of a broken relationship? It could lead you towards depression and sometimes make you commit suicide. So sometimes learn to use your head in a relationship.

7. Make sure you take someone with you. when going to a new or an undisclosed place.

This is very important most especially when you are looking for a new apartment to rent. Make sure a man or your friend follows you to that undisclosed area.

A lot of women have made this mistake but you can avoid it. Please going to an undisclosed area, always take your friends with you if you want to be safe and also live long.

8. Do not follow a total stranger to a hotel.

Following a total stranger to a hotel because of money or anything at all is wrong. You should know about that person first, also know where he or she lives and what that person does for a living.

9. Stop Wearing Bra all the time.

According to scientific research, wearing bra all the time will may cause you cancer. Only wear it when going out.

A lot of bad things have happened to women because of this and more women are still making this mistake. If you usually do this before, please stop it now.

Let us know your thoughts and your opinions by sharing it with us on the comment section below, thank you.

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