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Am I Cursed? - Lady Cries Out

As shared by Cynthia Valerian on her social media page. 

Good morning ma, pls keep me anonymous. There is this guy I have been dating for 2 yrs now, I was committed in the relationship and gave it my all. I did practically everything a wife should do to keep her home happy, I help him when he is down financially(we both work). 

 The issue is this he has always been unfaithful and I kept on forgiving him , he samples me on his WhatsApp and I do same , he has introduced me to his people and I same. 

Now it happened that there is this girl that has been disturbing him for a relationship and he told her he has a gf but they can still run package but the girl said she wants to be his number 2 when I found out I told him to stop the friendship because for a girl to decide to be number two before you know it she will use pregnancy to trap him and he said I can't stop him from been in contact with the girl. 

Now it happens that the girl has a shop and he buys men's t shirt from her then of recent he now started introducing our mutual friends to the girl to patronize her. 

I didnt feel happy I now told him that what if the girl calls him baby in front of them and that he should pls introduce people that are not our mutual friends to her instead of the other way round and he now got pissed and said since I don't trust him I shouldn't be with him. 

I thought it was a joke until he told me to return his house keys and come take few of my stuffs in His house and he needs space. I apologised to him for been to hasty and told him I will learn to trust him just that the issues I encountered so far with him caused it. 

He is insisting on the space and he said it would be for 1 month and then he will decide either to call it off or continue. I have been heartbroken since. 

I keep apologizing for not trusting him enough. I have done lots for this guy, I can sneak out food I cooked in my house to his house when he doesn't have food. I give him peace of mind( from what he says) . we are both in our early 30s. I am hurt. 

I felt I have found the one and because I have always promised myself that my home will be the envy of people and that I shall make my home a happy one, I tried my best. 

I am crying in my room right now. Am I cursed? How will I be true like this and still someone is willing to let me go sooo easily. Pls post for me.

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