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Among Am 3 Boyfriends I Don't Know Who is Responsible for My Pregnancy. What Do I Do?

Good morning dear readers, the girl who wrote to us really need an advice or word of encouragement as she is in a state of confusion. 

According to her she is pregnant. Not only that, she doesn't know who is responsible for her pregnancy among her 3 Boyfriends. 

Well some days are like that but if you ask me, this is high level of carelessness. Please read her story below and advice her

I am addicted to Social media and I have been active for 2 years now. I have three boy friends and I met them at facebook, I will start by apologizing to them because they might read this post and know I am the one. 

I met three of them in a comment box of a viral post because I comment a lot in posts, I met them differently not at once because I was taking my chances , because I was not sure so I dated three of them just to be safe .

Fortunately for me the three of them got so serious and all are wanting to marry me same time .Only one has proposed with a ring but the remaining two just said it verbally but they are serious. 

I managed to play three of them with three different phones and three Different numbers so they never clashed.

Now the confusing thing is this .I am pregnant and I don’t know who is responsible because I have been sleeping with threee of them without protection, to worsen it, I don’t give space , If i sleep with this one in the morning I will go to the next person house in the evening , they all live in Lagos . I feel so ashamed of myself.

I messed up and I need advice.I think I will have to abort it and let all three of them go because I have told many lies. Maybe I will start commenting again to see if I will see my husband this time, and I swear on my life no more games .

I really need words of encouragement.”

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