Fear Pastors, Read What This Pastor Did to a Young Lady

Fear some people that call themselves men of God, they are evil, Read what a so called man of God did to this little girl. Read Below. Posted as Received.


A friend n also a pastor told me dat he want to marry n I should assist him look for a good wife. He is 35 dis yr so I started looking 4 one, one fateful day I met dis young lady she is 20 n final yr @ university so I told d guy about d lady but I told him dat age gap is much he said it's OK by him bc he will use his hand to train d lady as he want. 

Both of us met d mother n d mother refused by saying dat guys used dis style to pregnant her 2nd daughter n d person left without marrying her daughter. 

I pleaded on behalf of d guy n also vowed dat d guy is not like dat besides he is a pastor. 

So d woman said dat he will tell d husband after telling d husband dey scheduled a date to met with d guy. 

He went n promised them heaven n earth dat nothing will happen n he will wait till d lady finished her schooling. 

They started dating from earlier last yr one day he came up n told me dat he can't continue after much spending bc she is too small I said OK no problem. 

Months passed he went n date other girls later he came back to me to confessed dat d girl I recommended for him is d best among all she met dat I should help him plead to d girl which I did. 

The girl agreed which ever since dat last yr till April dis yr d mother called n told me dat d guy dump her daughter after using her. 

I'm short of words, I called d guy n asked her what is happening between two of them he said nothing but he don't want again. 

That d girl should be thanking God dat he didn't see her pant I became a little bit confused. One day d mother came to my house with a lab result dat tested pregnancy positive (22weeks). 

I was mad, I asked d girl she told me dat dey had been having sex since last yr to this yr march. 

When he told her dat he doesn't want her any more for no reason so I called him to my house n he came I showed him d result d mother of dat girl brought to me. 

How managed bc u told me dat u had not been having sex with her he kept quiet I told him u will find a way to marry her, he refused ooo saying dat she is in love with another lady. 

He don't want to break her heart dat he will not marry d girl he only suggests how to removed d baby which i ignored all. 

I told him to settle d second lady which he met on april dis yr dat he must marry her he refused I called his senior pastor in his church n told him he called both of us d pastor told him to leave d second lady dat is their church member to marry d one he pregnant. 

The pastor even called d second girl n told her not to accept d guy dat he should go n marry d first one, d second lady refused she said dat age is not by her side again dat d girl should born dat baby in her father's house let d guy take care of d baby n pay her hospital bill till further notice. 

Infact to cut d whole story short d guy packed over night where he was living to elsewhere n told me dat it's not a must dat a man will marry who he pregnant dat is against d law if Nigeria. 

The family of dat girl is on my neck dat I must provide him I n d pastor have tried all our best but no way his senior pastor called his brothers n dey are calling him yet he refused to come. 

He is on d run pls advice me on d next move n fear d pastor's of nowadays. God bless u

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