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Five Natural Alternatives That Help You Sleep Faster

Sleep is the mechanism our body has to recover bodily and mental functions. It is during sleep that we fix new knowledge and memories and we can improve our ability to make decisions.

To sleep well, however, you need to follow a list of good habits such as light feeding at night, providing a quiet environment and maintaining regular bedtime and wake-up times.

However, if you are still having trouble sleeping, whether you spend too much time rolling in bed to get to sleep or waking up several times during the night, it may be interesting to consider one of these 8 natural alternatives:

1. Melatonin supplement
Melatonin is a hormone produced by our body that tells the brain that it is bedtime. Therefore, the release of melatonin increases when it darkens and decreases in the morning.

Based on this, melatonin supplements help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. They are also useful for improving sleep for people who work at night and need to sleep during the day.

2. Valerian root
The roots of valerian are known to be a natural relief for symptoms of anxiety and depression and are also used to induce sleep.

Research has shown that consumption of 300 to 900 mg of these roots before bedtime promotes an improvement in sleep quality. However, scientists are still uncertain about this effect because the research was done on the basis of people’s individual perceptions rather than standardized measurements.

3. Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral involved in various processes in the human body, in addition to having a relaxing effect on the mind and muscles, making it easier for the person to fall asleep.

This effect seems to occur because magnesium regulates the production of melatonin and increases the levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation.

4. Lavender oil
Lavender is a widely used plant in aromatherapy, as its fragrance seems to improve the quality of sleep. There are studies that show that simply smelling the essential oil of lavender before bed already promotes this effect, mainly in women.

5. Glycine
Glycine, found mainly in foods of animal origin, is an amino acid that can improve sleep by reducing body temperature at bedtime. 

A scientific study has shown that people who consumed 3 grams of glycine before bedtime have woken up less tired and are more mentally active.

Another study showed that glycine seems to reduce the time until the person sleeps and improve sleep quality.

These ways are simple and alternative ways to ease sleep disorder.

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