Geet update Sunday 28th June 2020 Star life

Geet Sunday 28 June 2020: On Geet 28 June 2020 Star life update, Scene starts with the entrance of the Hosp. where Geet has come for check up! Geet is shown sitting across from the Doc and Doc says.

‘Right now everything looks normal Mrs. Khurana! Well.. Mr. Khurana din come today?’ Geet about to answer.. when MSK arrives and rushes to sit next to Geet while saying.. ‘Hi Doc.. I m sorry .. i got late!’ MSK looks at Geet and smiles! Geet looks away..!! Doc says.. ‘We were talking about u just now..!’ MSK says..’Really?’ Doc asks MSK ..’How did u get late?’ Geet answers…’Well the fact is.. if he gets time from showing his anger on others..then only he can remember other things!’ MSK says.. ‘Tho u said in anger..yet am glad that u finally said something..!’ Geet glares at MSK..!! MSK says..’Doc ..humans only make mistakes ..right? After making the mistake..if the person realises the mistake…then he should be forgiven right?’ Geet says.. ‘If a person has a habit of making mistakes .. what can we say to him?’ MSK says..’But if the other person is seeking forgiveness ..then he should be forgiven right?’ Doc interrupts saying ‘Mr. n Mrs. Khurana…its great fun to hear your conversation but other patients are waiting for me! I m sorry..but u both have to find another judge for ur fight!’ Geet says…’Sorry Doc!’ Doc says..’Mrs. Khurana.. pls. get ur check up done again next week !’ Geet says..’Ok Doc…Thanks!’ Geet gets up and leaves..!! MSK calls out…n then gets up to leave while saying…’Doc ..we will come again next week and this time i will come on time!’ MSK leaves the Docs cabin while calling out to Geet..!!

Geet in the backseat of the car..and asks Driver to drive..!! Right then MSK enters the car and says…’ I will drop u home! Driver start!’ Geet says..’Driver stop..!’ Geet turns to MSK and says..’What are u doing here?’ MSK stammers and says…’Well i m taking u home! Theres no work at office!’ Right then Geets moby rings…! Its Adi..!! Geet receives..!! Adi says..’Dun take my name! Just answer by saying Yes or No! Is Maan sir with u?’ Geet says..’Yes’ …! Adi says…’I knew it.. he had to be with you! Geet… we have to sign Rs. 400 Cr. deal..! Its the biggest deal in the history of Khurana Constructions! Please Geet… somehow..send him to office fast!’ Geet says..’U din stop him?’ Adi says…’I did! But he doesnt listen to me! He said..that its more important for him to be somewhere else rather than at the meeting!’ Geet smiles hearing that..! Geet turns and looks at MSK.. n is emotional! Adi screams..’Geet please… its the biggest deal in the history of Khurana Construction! Please send him to office!’ MSK asks Geet…thru action.. ‘What?’ Geet says…’U really said that?’ MSK says..’What?’ Adi says..’Yes …he said that and ran off from here! I mean.. went from here! Please Geet.. clients are getting restless..I dunno how to handle them! Please send him to office!’ Geet says…’Yes’ Geet keeps the phone down.. and says to MSK.. ‘Why are u not going to office?’ MSK tries to take the phone from Geet and says..’First you tell me..who called u?’ Geet shrugs and takes her phone away and says…’Doesnt concern u..!’ MSK startled..! Geet says..’Well go to office!!’ MSK says…’No ..i will go home!’ Geet says..’Why?’ MSK stammers and says…’Coz i m hungry!’ Geet says..’But i m not going home..! I m going to the temple!’ MSK says..’Then i will also go to temple!’ Geet says..’But right now u said..u are hungry?’ MSK says..’Yes i m hungry.. i will go to temple and have prasad!’ Geet says..’But i wont take u with me to temple!’ Geet starts to get down from the car..!! MSK stops..her and asks.. ‘Where are you going?’ Geet says…’I m going to temple by taxi!’ MSK stops her and says..’Strange.. we have car..driver..then why will you go by taxi?’ Geet says..’U go by car.. i will go by taxi!’ MSK stops Geet again and says…’Geet u go by car….i will go!’ Geet says..’Ok.. and go strait to office..! No need to come to home now! Dun irritate me!’ MSK says..’Ok ..i m going!’ MSK gets off the car..! Geet asks the Driver to start..and leaves..!! MSK keeps looking and says ‘She is a very stubborn girl..!!’

Geet arrives at the mansion and its totally dark..and wonders..’Why is there so much darkness at home?’ Dadi comes and asks..’Geet where had u gone?’ Geet says…’Dadi..i had gone to the temple!’ Dadi asks..’Temple? Why suddenly u thot of going to the temple?’ Geet says..’Just like that..! Dadi tell me what has happened to the lights of the house?’ Dadi says..’Seems the fuse has blown! NaCOOL has gone to see..! All will be well! You go to your room and rest!’ Geet says…’No probs Dadi..Till lights come ..i will sit with you!’ Dadi says…’What is this.. why will u sit with me! Go and rest!’ Geet agrees..and says..’If u have any work..just call me!’ Geet leaves from there..! Dadi smiles! Geet walks towards her room and sees the words ‘GEET’ written on a door and follows! Its dark inside and suddenly lights come! The whole room is colored in Pink and has cartoons drawn on the wall..!! There are stuffed toys all around..! Geet looks at the crib.. at the bed ..all around..and smiles! Geet picks up lil baby shoes..and suddenly hears MSKs voice which says.. ‘This is my baby’s and baby’s mom’s room!’ Geet startled and tries to locate MSK! Geet looks at the bed.. and MSK’s voice says…’This is where Mom will sleep!’ Geet looks at the crib and voice says…’This is where baby will sleep!’ Geet touches the crib and smiles! MSK comes!

MSK shows the plastic tub to Geet and says..’That is our babys tub..this is where he will take bath everyday!’ Geet smiles ..but everytime MSK looks at Geet.. she hardens her expressions! MSK shows a toy punching bag to Geet and says..’This is our babys punching bag…! This is where he will exercise he doesnt blow up like his mom!’ Geet gets annoyed..but smiles! MSK comes near Geet and says…’Please forgive me!’ Geet turns around and tells MSK.. ‘U at home?? I told u to go to office!’ MSK says..’But Geet..everything is fine at office!’ Geet says..’Yes ..i got Adi’s phonecall saying that u ran off from a meeting!’ MSK says..’Adi said that?’ Geet puts the baby shoes on MSKs hand and walks off! MSK continues to call Geet.. but she is gone! MSK puts the baby shoes on the bed and follows Geet! Maneet on the stairs and MSK says..’Atleast ..agree now! I m sorry!’ Dadi comes..and MSK motions to her…to talk to Geet! Dadi tells MSK ..’Maan go and change.. i will fix dinner!’ MSK says…’Ok.. i will just come from the washroom!’ MSK leaves from there! Dadi comes to Geet and says..’Geet.. what is this?’ Geet says..’What Dadi?’ Dadi says..’This.. ur anger! See dear.. i know MSK has made a huge mistake.. but he has tried to pacify you as well..! He is tailing you .. begging to you! And you are not even listening to him!’ Geet pulls the chair of the dining table and sits.. and says.. ‘So this means.. i m doing great acting!’ Dadi startled and says…’Acting?’ Geet pulls Dadi and makes her to sit as well.. and says..’Sit..! U think that i m angry on Maan? Dadi..i can never be angry on Maan for such a long time!’ Dadi says.. ‘Then what are you doing?’ Geet says..’After so much hardship..i have finally gotten this oppurtunity to tease him! I wont let go of it easily! The camel is finally under the mountain.. some amount of fun has to be taken from it! Right?’ Dadi smiles and agrees saying..’I m impressed Geet! We should tease Maan a lil! Dun worry..i m with you!’ Dadi and Geet do a Hi-5! MSK overhears n says.. ‘Oh so this is the plan!’

Arjun comes to Romeo.. and says..’Romeo!’ Romeo is lost in staring at Nitya! Arjun sees and glares and says..’Romeo!’ Romeo looks at Arjun n is scared! Arjun says…’Romeo.. where are the files of the Caterers for the Khanna’s wedding?’ Romeo gets up and gives the file to Arjun! Right then Anne comes and tells Manisha to reach on time in the evening at the Khanna’s place to check all the arrangement since theres Sangeet function at their place! Manisha says..’Ok’ ! Arjun says..’Nitya ..have u checked all the stuff?’ Nitya says..’Yes! Arjun .. i was thinking..shall we try something new at the Sangeet?’ Anne startled..! Nitya continues..’I have some ideas ..i will show u!’ Anne says..’Nitya ..Sangeet function is today evening.. We cant try your interesting ideas at the last moment!’ Arjun says..’Sangeet is in the If the idea is good ..we can always try it out!’ Manisha tells Romeo..’See he is favoring Nitya?’ Nitya says..’In Delhi weddings.. Punjabi flavors are very routine! So i was thinking ..what if we try something different!’ Manisha says..’See..she is started!’ Romeo tells Manisha…to keep quiet! Nitya says..’Lets call a Dance group! Instead of an informal ceremony ..lets have a formal ceremony..where there will be a Master of Ceremony (MC) ..Stand up Comedian!’ Anne says…’Nitya.. sangeet is done..either for family or very close friends! Very few people are called to a its better that its informal! Sorry to disappoint you!’ Anne calls Romeo and Manisha and says..’Come on guys..lets start the work!’ Arjun says…’One minute .. Nitya.. i like your idea..(Anne shocked) Sangeet will be as per what you suggested!’ Anne says..’Arjun?’ Nitya says..’Thanks Arjun… Romeo Manisha.. we have to go to the location rightaway…there are lots of changes to be done!’ Both agree! The trio leave!! Anne and Arjun stand and keep glaring at each other..! Both of them walk past each other in opposite directions!

At Khurana Mansion …at the dining table.. Dadi n Geet are both smiling! MSK comes…! Dadi sees and signals Geet to stop smiling! MSK sees and self thot….’See how she is taking undue advantage of my decency! Let me see long your drama will continue!’ Geet serving food to Dadi while stealing glances at MSK..! MSK self thot…’Keep on doing your act of being upset as long as you want .. Let me see long you will be able to CON-trol yourself!’ Wink MSK comes and sits on the table! Geet instinctively.. almost starts to serve him and then controls herself! MSK stares! Geet self thot..’CON-trol Geet.. CON-trol! If you can CON-trol yourself..only then you will be able to CON-trol MSK! He always harasses you..when angry..this time..i will change my name if i am not able to make him agree to some of my conditions!’ MSK starts to serve himself! Maneet keep glancing at each other..! Dadi signals Geet..asking ‘Whats the matter?’ Geet signals back..’No idea!’ MSK looks at Geet and self thot..’She must be thinking that..she will teach me a lesson.. She is quiet for so long…. something must be cooking in her head!’ MSK starts to eat..! Geet signals Dadi.. ‘Whats up?’ Dadi responds..’No idea!’ Geet says to MSK…’Did u say something?’ MSK says…’No ..why wuld i say anything to you?’ Geet stares at Dadi.. who stares back! Geet self thot..’He isnt even trying to appease me..!’ Geet starts to couf! LOL MSK says..’Geet.. have water.. it wil be ok!’ Geet shocked! Geet starts to make noise with her spoon/fork! MSK stares! MSK tries to take the bottle of salt ..when Geet picks it up.. ..adds salt in her food and keeps the bottle away from MSK! MSK gets up and stretches to get the salt bottle! MSK tries to take the roti and Geet again repeats the same thing..this time offering the roti to Dadi and herself ..and keeping the plate away from MSK! MSK about to stretch again when Dadi brings the plate near to MSK..!! MSK thanks Dadi! Dadi looks at Maneet and self thot..’Well in their nok-jhok ..hope i dun get stuck! Its better that i get up and leave pronto!’ Dadi gets up..!! Geet asks…’What happened?’ Dadi says..’Well i m done.. these days i eat less..i m on diet!’ MSK says..’On diet?’ Geet signals .. ‘What?’ Dadi shakes her head and leaves! Geet continues eating and MSK stares on!

MSK continues eating.. Geet looks at him annoyed! MSK holds the water jug and Geet holds it as well..! Maneet play push pull with the jug and accidentally the water falls on Geet..! Geet says..’Maan what are you doing? You made all my clothes wet’ Geet gets up and starts to clean the water…. !! MSK gets up as well and starts to clean the water from Geets dress..! While cleaning.. MSK comes near Geet..and Mahiiiii in bg..!! Maneet eyelocks! Embarrassed Geet feels shy and looks down..!! MSK lifts Geets dupatta and tries to dry her face! Maneet totally lost in each other when Geet realises what she is doing and comes back to her senses..and realises that she has to tease MSK..! She removes her dupatta from MSKs grasp and says..’I can clean my clothes!’ Geet leaves from there! MSK cribs..’Can clean my clothes! I will teach her a lesson! This was the first step..!’ Geet comes to her room cribbing..’That he drenched all my clothes! On top of it..look at him.. he was trying to touch me! Not like.. he tries to pacify me!’ Dadi is present in Maneets room n says..’Looking at you two …it appears that your two are small kids..who always keep fighting! Fighting is not a good thing! But the way you two fight..its cute to watch!’ Dadi smiles and gives Geet a forehead peck! Dadi says..’Shall i tell you one thing..! See.. nok jhok (fights) are good between hubby-wifey …but if these fights can cause major problems!’ Geet says..’Dadi ..i din get you!’ Dadi says…’Geet ..i mean.. dun stretch these fights for long.. njoy the fights but then dun stretch them.. ! You know MSK… if he really gets angry..then?’ Geet says..’Ok Dadi..’ Dadi leaves ..!! Geet says..’ I will derive full pleasure from this…after so many days i have gotten the opportunity of being upset!!’ Dadi comes out of Maneets room and runs into MSK…who is standing there glaring!!

Dadi looks at MSK glaring at her n is nervous and says…’Maan.. well..!’ MSK continues glaring…!! Dadi says..’Why are u in so much anger?’ MSK says..’U know very well why i m angry! U know very well what is happening!’ Dadi self thot..’That happened which i was fearing! MSK is really upset now!’ Dadi keeps stammering. and says..’Dun feel bad about what Geet said..! She only wants to make you realise your mistake! Nothing more! Also she knows that you have realised your mistake! She has even forgiven you! You calm down!’ MSK continues to glare and says….’Calm down?’ MSK starts to smile! Dadi smiles as well! MSK puts his arm around Dadis shoulder and says…’Come here… I know everything ..that Geet is just doing drama!’ Dadi says..’What? U knew everything?? ‘ MSK says…’Yes… i knew everything..!! When you and Geet were talking in the hall..i overheard everything! But Dadi.. now u have to support me!’ Dadi says…’Oh what are you going to do?? I m going to go mad..between the two of you!’ MSK says..’No Dadi.. nothing will happen! Now listen!’ MSK tells his plan to Dadi! Dadi smiles..!! MSK says..’So tell did u like my plan?’ Dadi says..’Liked it very much! But dun harass Geet more than this!’ MSK assures..’Ofcourse not..!! But you have to support me..!’ Dadi agrees..MSK says..’So tomorrow..both of us will make Geet.. Dance..!!’

MSK gets up n screams…. Geet i m late.. get me my clothes!! MSK realises that today its time to harass Geet.. .so let me start..! MSK searching for his clothes..n admits..that without Geet searching is hell! Nacool comes to call MSK breakfast..but MSK fakes that he is asleep! Geet asks about MSK… n servants say.. he hasnt gotten up..!! Geet says.theres a meeting n he is asleep..,lemme see! Geet cribs seeing MSK asleep that if i want to go shopping… then he wants to go to work.. n look today he is fast asleep..! Geet slams the door of the cupboard..but MSK remains stationary.. Geet says.. why is he sleeping..!! Geet decides to shake him but realises that then MSK will know that she isnt angry.. so goes to call Dadi! Romeo gets a bouqet for Nitya..n Manisha says..this is not fair.. she hurt Anne n ur getting flowers.. Romeo feels guilty!! Arjun asks Nitya about the Sangeet..n compliments that it must have been good! Nitya says..but why u din come??I worked so hard..!! Manisha says.. see how she is lying.. we also worked!! Arjun says.. i had work so..!! Nitya says..excuse wont work… Arjun asking for dinner?? Anne overhears…n leaves..!! Nitya leaves… Romeo n Manisha tell Arjun that without Anne.. sangeet wont have been successful.. Nitya made errors.. Anne saved the show..!! Arjun asks them to mind their business..!!

Dadi comes to outhouse n is looking for Dev… n Servant says..he went to change..! Dev comes and says..had gone to get ready. .searching for a job. .getting bored at home..! Dadi says..ur health isnt good…. Dev says.. i m fine..have to work…cant be burden to u n bro! Dev request to let him work.. Dadi agrees! Geet comes searching for Dadi.. n servant says..has gone to outhouse..! Geet waits for Dadi.. n Dadi comes n says.. whats up?? Geet says.. MSK is asleep..n Dadi says.. why he doesnt sleep at nite?? Geet yesterday.. also he ran from office n came here.. n today he is fast asleep. bunking office.. !! Dadi says.. why dun u wake him up.. Geet says..if i do. he wuld know that i m not angry on him n blabeers..n Dadi says.. Quiet… u speak so much!! Dadi says..u want me to wake him up?? Geet says..yes… Dadi says.. how long u gonna act out?? Geet says..just for a while… Dadi says..ok lemme wake him up.. u come with me!!

Romeo is sad.. Manisha asks why.. he says…. Arjun is bypassing Anne..n she is sad… !! Nitya comes to ask for Arjun …n Romeo says..i came from dunno..!! Nitya has gotten food from home for Arjun… ! Nitya comes to Arjuns cabin n wonders where Arjun is..!! She decides to leave a note for him!

MSK in the room on the bed..n wonders why Geet being so late… n then hears footsteps n starts faking..!! Dadi..checks on MSK n calls him n response.. he nevers sleeps so much.. Geet starts to get worried..!! MSK says.. bodyache.. dun wanna get up..!! Dadi checks on MSK n says.. he has high fever.. Geet very worried..!! Dadi says.. u wait here.. i wil call Doc.. n u rest.. u dun have to go to office..!! Dadi offers breakfast to MSK.. n he says..dun feel like eating.. headache..need someone to press my head..! Dadi gets up n tells Geet to get balm.. as he is sick n to stop fighting..!! Geet agrees n goes to get! MSK makes Geet touch his forehead n Geet says.. Dadi his forehead is all cool… he doesnt seem to have fever..!! Dadi on the phone.. turns n sees..!! Geet realises something is wrong… n stares….

Geet removes MSKs covers n sees him all dressed..n says…. what is this.. Dadi says.. this is called as u do so shall u reap..!! Dadi leaves…n Geet tells MSK so u were acting.. MSK u were..! MSK pulls Geet closer n Mahiii .both smile!

Anne comes to Arjuns cabin n sees the note left by Nitya thanking Arjun for his support..!! Arjun catches Anne reading n says..what were u doing?? Anne says..came for a file… !! Arjun says…what about the note?? Anne was kept.. Arjun says..u were teaching me manners.. but u dun have any brains.. next time..without my permission dare not enter my cabin..!! Get out now! Anne says.. just a min… i know i made a mistake.. but u culd have talked properly.. but now that there are issues lets decide to work on separate projects with separate clients!! Arjun stares..!

Dadi comes towards outhouse n asks Servant about seeing Dev..they say no..!! Dadi comes ahead n sees Dev coming n says..why late.. Dev says.. had gone to Gurgaon for a job.. but din get it..!! Dadi says.. Dev..why u need a job.. Khurana Construction is very big!! Dev says.. i agreed to all u said..but dun talk about this..!! Dadi says.. .why?? Dev says..i dun want more favours from bro.. staying here m already a burden.. dun want to burden more!! Dadi says..ok…if u dun want MSKs help!! Dadi asks Dev to come to eat..!! MSK overhears it all..!

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