He Impregnated and Left me When I Was 16yrs Now He is Back Again, What Should I Do?

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I got pregnant for my second sch boyfriend when i was 16 yrs old. 

Am the only child Of My parents, so when my parents got to know about the pregnancy, they accepted me and i gave birth in 2015 the guy that got me pregnant was nowhere to be found, i tried all i could to reach him but no way, i also didn't know any of his family members. 

My mum took care of my child and she swore that even if the father of my child come to claim the child that she will never allow that, am now in my 200level fortunately i met d guy again we are in same school. 

I told him about the baby and he swore that he never knew i was pregnant he said he still loves me and if given the chance he want to get married to me, he wants his child to have a father. But I'm soo scared of my mum. 

She keeps saying it everyday that she can't suffer for the child and someone else will come and carry the child from her. 

This guy really wants to be with us, he says he don't just want the child but he wants me too, i also wants to be with the father of my child. 

He's been begging me to allow him come see my parents but i refused, cos am scared of my parents hes 26 and am 23 please what should I do

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