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He is Dead But He Keeps Sleeping With In The Dream, What Do I Do to Stop This

This story you are about to read was sent to me by one of my blog readers. She is seeking for advice on what to do.

According to her, a dead man always sleeps with her in her dream and when she wakes up she becames weak and will be mute through out the day.

Read Her Below:

"Kingsparo i urgently needs an advice or deliverance i don't know. A Dead man who happens to be my boyfriend always sleeps with me in the dream.

"Not everyday, sometimes two or three times a week. Anytime He comes to me the next morning I will be very weak and mute. It will be like am in another world through out that day.

"Am afraid, i might die because the condition i always sees myself when he visits me it's like He drags me to come with him.

"I loved him so much when he is alive, now He is dead i have gotten over it. This is one getting to two years now since He died. It hasn't been long since I starts seeing him in my dreams.

" In one occasion he has warned me never to have another boyfriend, if i do He will hunt the Guy down.

" Am very confused. We weren't married even if, it's shouldn't be till death do us apart. He didn't even engage me but He Truly Love me to the Core.

I have seen lots of people getting advice from this portal that's why I decided to send in my problems for advice. Please advice me on what to do and also put me in your prayers am losing it"

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