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How to Charge Your Phone With Banana 2020

Banana fruit as you all know is an edible fruit that is meant for consumption. Banana has several nutritional value that helps to boost the immune system and also helps to fight against germs in the body.

Bananas are known to reduce swelling, protect against diabetes and also strengthen the nervous system. Banana plays a vital role with the production of a white blood cells.

However, I never knew that banana can charge a phone until I discovered it from a great scientist. Technology as we all know as grown so large that the world now relies on technology. As you can see for your self that we now live in the world of possibilities.

However, I am going to show you how you can charge your phone with a banana fruit.


1. Banana fruits

2. A USB cord

3. A cup of water

4 A razor blade

5. Paper chips

Steps on how to charge your phone with a banana

1. Get a banana fruit, a ruler, a pen and a chip

2. You are to Pierce five different holes on that banana fruit

3. Insert the five razor blades inside the banana

4. Get an extra razor blade, and insert the extra razor blade together with the chips to power it up

5. Plug your USB cord on that same banana

6. Then connect your phone. Following these procedures, you can charge your phone with a banana

You Can Watch the Video Tutorial Below:

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