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How To Get Free Airtime From

Hi my blog readers, i know you use data and sometimes airtime to browse through my blog reading news, gossip, celebrity Gist and others.

I really appreciate all that, you know without you there will be no

What if I post and you didn't read, what am doing is just wasting of time and data. 

For that reason, i want to start the initiative of giving out free airtime to my blog  readers and followers. 

My first giveaway will be tomorrow which is Friday and  guess what? It's gonna be like a contest whereby only the fastest finger wins.  #FFF

Friday Fastest Finger

How To Get Free Airtime From

1. You should have a Twitter account because airtime will be tweeted there.

2. Follow @thekingsparo on Twitter.

3. Be the fastest finger that will load the airtime once i tweet it on Twitter.

You can turn the notification on so you don't miss it. 

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