I Have Used Upto 20 [email protected] for Money Rituals - 25yrs Old Boy Confesses

A 25 year old boy whose name is Ikechukwu Obiano a wealthy young man who flaunts with exotic cars and expensive accessories was caught in the act while trying to steal his sick sisters [email protected] earlier this morning 18th June 2020.

According to Source, The young man admits that he has been doing this for a long time now that he is the one behind the sickness of his sister.

He said

I have used about 20 pants from different ladies I have slept with for rituals, as everybody knows that Nigerian girls don’t joke with rich niggas who flaunts with expensive cars, sometimes i will call about 5 girls and all of them will follow me to my hotel room. 

Anyone i slept with will never remain the same he added.

It was further gathered that the family members of Ikechukwu Obiano have decided to settle the case among them selves and not to involve the police into the matter.

*Dear Ladies, Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold*

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