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I Slept With My Own Uncle Because He Vows To Report Me to My Parents

A lady has narrated how she slept with her own uncle after he caught her sleeping with her boyfriend when her parents went to work.

According to her, her uncle gave her the ultimatum to have sleep with her or he reports her to her parents.

Read the lady’s full story below:

“My name is Gloria I come from Ghana my parents had gone for work so I invited my boyfriend to come and visit me because i was feeling lonely he didn’t want to come but i forced him.

We started making love in my room when my boyfriend arrived, suddenly I heard someone knocking on my door I tried to hide my boyfriend but there was nowhere to hide so I opened the door it was my uncle he asked my boyfriend what he is doing In my room I told him I invited him and he is my boyfriend,I beg my uncle to not tell my parents and you can’t imagine what he said.

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  1. Your boyfriend and your uncle who is better in bed?

  2. You could have used his treat against him to your parent,
    And watch him sign out

  3. you should have taken his treat as an empty treat or maybe you enjoyed sleeping with your uncle and am sure it will not end there he will also be having it with you anytime he wants so that's he will not tell your uncle stupid girl

  4. you are not a good girl at all, may God help you

  5. I think you have been doing this with him ever since,you are just pretending to be as if he threaten to report you to your parent.You are a stupid girl without human reasonable .


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