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If You Dream About This, What Does it Mean?

Good morning, please i had dream last night that is giving me concern, i don't really understand what it means.

In the dream, i don't know if  i was sick or not but i had lots of drugs to take. Large number of them about 10 tablets. 

So i brought it out to take, i divided it into two then gave my sister half of it to hold for me.

I put water in my mouth and the drugs tried so hard to swallow but to it to no avail.

I kept on trying until I was able to swallow it. I asked my sister for others she has already throw them away. I search for them i saw some on the ground.

I picked them and swallowed them as well. Since morning it have been giving me concern. Please who knows what it means? 

It is good or bad dream? 

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