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Is DNA Test Good or Bad Idea? Read Bad Thing That Happened to This Family After DNA Result

I have earlier reported this News, This is a Question following the News. 

The man identified as Chris Ndukwe who resided at Victory Park Estate in Lekki, Lagos killed himself after stabbing his wife to be , Olamide Omajuwa Alli, to death on Sunday, June 21.

The man reportedly began to question the paternity of their second child after a mandatory DNA test they took for their Canadian visa showed that he was not the father of one of their children.

He then questioned his wife, which led to him stabbing her to death, and then taking his own life.

Chris allegedly tied her hands and taped her mouth, then began to uproot her braids with pliers.

He then allegedly stabbed her viciously in the eyes, then about 11 times all over her body.

Following the horrendous murder, he is said to have drank sniper in an act of suicide.

Chris, 39, and 25-year-old Olamide, who was the founder of Pearl Academy Nigeria, dated on and off for seven years and were said to have fixed their wedding for August, 2020, before the incident.

According to the Lagos Police Spokesperson, Bala Elkana, the woman was found with deep cuts on her head while the man’s mouth was foaming with a whitish substance.

It is alleged that Chris stabbed Olamide to death with kitchen knife also, two blood stained kitchen knives, two empty bottles of the poison, three empty cans of energy drink and a pair of pliers were recovered from the scene.

According to some family members, the couple had two boys, aged 7 and 3.

Is DNA Test Good or Bad Idea For A Family? 

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