King Sparo Compares Prophet Odumeje and Witch Angela Nwosu

If you are sticked to online, you will in one way or the other come across news about Angela Nwosu, an Eastern Witch who has been viral and trending for what she is selling online. 

Angela Nwosu claims she is a witch, in recent posts says Witchcraft is not evil inviting Ladies to join her coven. 

She sells her charms all over social media like beads, waist bands etc stating that her products are spiritual fortified capable of doing one spiritual thing or the other. 

Witch @angelanwosu is currently trending like Prophet Odumeje.

The Only Difference is that Angela Nwosu is Serving Amadioha (The Igbos god of thunder ⚡) while Odumeje is serving God.

Though people are questioning the source of Odumeje's power.

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