Lady Reveals The Kind of Man She Wants. Are You Her Spec?

A Nigerian Lady narrates her encounter with a man she met in a supermarket recently, the encounter made her wanting for that kind of a man.

According to her, She went to shop for food stuffs when she stumbled upon a man who is attracted to her.

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The man was looking good, smells nice, has a flat tummy and he wore a rollex watch. She went to him to let him know that she is attracted to him and likes his smell but was shocked with the Man’s action.

“I went to him to tell him I like his smell and if i can get his Contact for mentorship and friendship, Oga said he is married and can’t give out his number.”

She asked the man if He is blind, can’t he see if her skin and curves. The faithful man just smiled, went to his car and drove off.

” I told him that is he blind? Can’t he see my skin and curves? He just laughed and walk to his car. I thought he will come out. Oga drove off.”

The young lady begin to wonder if he is a gay or being faithful to his wife. Now she wants a man that will be hot and loyal to her like the Man she meet at the Supermarket.

Guys are you like the man she meet in the Supermarket? Comment below

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