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Man Commits Suicide After Killing His Cheating Wife

A man identified as Femi Alli who resided at Victory Park Estate in Lekki, Lagos, has killed himself after stabbing his wife, Olamide, to death on Sunday, June 21.

According to residents of the estate, the couple moved into the estate three weeks ago with their two young children.

However, the residents said not much was known about the couple until Saturday night, a day before the murder-suicide, when they were spotted jogging together.

The man who is said to have always questioned the paternity of their second child after they got Canadian visa the man found out through mandatory DNA test that his youngest child is not his.

He has since been questioning his wife, leading to him stabbing his wife to death, and then taking his own life.

Bala Elkana, a spokesperson to the Lagos state police, who confirmed the tragedy on Monday, said their corpses were retrieved after the incident transpired on Sunday.

The spokesperson said;

I can confirm to you that it happened. We have moved the corpse of the man and that of his wife for autopsy. She was found in the pool of her own blood.

He noted that when the police arrived at the crime scene to find the man exuding froth from his mouth, suggesting he might have consumed poison, while his wife was found dead, lying in the pool of her own blood.

Elkana said that the knife believed to have been used in stabbing the woman was recovered while two bottles of sniper, a popular insecticide, which the man might have used to end his life, were found.

The spokesperson added that investigations into the incident are still ongoing, adding that;

An autopsy will reveal the cause of their death. But the suspicion right now is that he might have killed her and thereafter took his own life. Investigations are still ongoing.

The circumstance surrounding the misunderstanding that led to the man’s action is yet to be known.

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